Alfa Portable Vaporizer

Real control.

To ensure you stay in control, we’ve added the first-in-class rotary dial. This means your vaporizer has never been easier to use. And with three manual temperature settings (LO 190c / 374f, MID 210c / 410f, HI 230c / 446f), and two automatic settings (A/P and A/T) you can get straight to the action as quick or as slowly as you want. At goboof, we‘ve thought hard about your life and how we can make things that little bit easier.

Small is beautiful.

When you’re out and about, you probably already have plenty of gear and equipment, whatever your passion. So we thought that you don’t need to add to that load. Our design team have come up with a compact, tactile portable vaporizer that will fit perfectly in pockets. Or indeed any safe little nooks and crannies. It’s ergonomic so it’s easy to hold. For the active type or outdoors enthusiast, we know size matters so that’s why we’re keeping ALFA tight and tidy.
Alfa Dry Herb Vaporizer

Alfa Herbal Vaporizer

Function over form.

At goboof, we’re a bit obsessed with technical specs and manufacturing perfection. This focus on technical details means we’ve built our oven with performance and efficiency in mind. It’s large in size and this assures optimal flavor and guarantees a thick and cloudy vapor. There’s also a central heating-pin to guarantee uniform and rapid heating of your tasty blends. And finally, a hard anodized oven makes for super-easy cleaning.

Smart Puff Technology.

Do you gradually increase the temperature of your vape over time? We understand that this is a real issue for vaporizer enthusiasts all over the world. And with this in mind, we can give you a unique and first-in-class smart puff vaporization. On A/P this means your blend is gradually heated from lowest tempurature by 3c after every puff until it reaches max temperature. On A/T this means your blend is gradually heated from lowest to highest over a 20 minutes cycle.
Alfa Handheld Vaporizer

Alfa Battery Powered Vaporizer

Positive energy.

When it comes to battery life and energy, ALFA works cleverly and efficiently. When fully powered up, it gives you 2 hours. And when you’re not using ALFA, it saves energy itself thanks to a intelligent automatic shutoff function. So, if it detects that you’re not using it, it will shut off after 15 minutes as it has not detected a puff being taken. And when you’re back on dry land or inside after your latest adventure, ALFA also works perfectly when plugged into the mains.

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